Close your eyes, everything you are looking for is in the air.

Luce-Nova Cagliari – TASTE ITINERARY


Cagliari is tastes and flavours. Cagliari is cuisine. In its countless recipes, Cagliari is the Mediterranean essence that meets the Sardinian soul. Luce Nova keeps a special place for the taste, the flavour and the fragrance of Sardinian cuisine. A healthy and refined one that prefers the territory products. Luce Nova is at a short step from one of the most important food markets in Italy, San Benedetto. It is the biggest indoor fish market in Europe.


There you can find anything you may look for; taste our cheeses, true pride of the whole Island; experience the uniqueness of our food coming straight from our land and sea; get overwhelmed by our folklore and by our love for our Island which, you will find, is quite tangible.

We are also close, just a few metres, to several restaurants which offer masterful preparations employing exactly those products and values. The traveller who chooses Luce Nova’s hospitality is offered our agreements with the restaurants of the area, such as Rapsodia. This will allow him/her to experience the original aspects of the Island and the city’s cuisine and will strengthen the link that will certainly grow – we are quite positive about it – between you and Cagliari and Sardinia.